Notary Public

Notary fees

The fee to notarize a signature on a document is $15 per notarized signature. For example, if two people are signing the same document, the fee is $30. In cases of real estate purchases, the total number of signatures can be large, but most of the signatures are not notarized.

Important information

Every person requesting notarization of their signature must have a valid, unexpired photo identification. The most common forms of ID are: driver's license and passport. Some forms of military ID are acceptable, but they must contain the photo and signature of the person. If you do not have a valid, unexpired ID, you may bring two people with you who have a valid ID who can sign a statement confirming your identity.

Special notice regarding I-9 forms and certifying documents

Employers across the country hire people who are unable to appear in person at the employer's office. In order to verify a prospective employee's eligibility to work, they ask the employee to bring their I-9 form to a notary public to verify their identification documents such as their driver's license and passport. A notary public is prohibited from offering this service unless the notary is ONLY notarizing your signature and nothing else. You can hire an Immigration Consultant or an attorney for I-9 services.

Need a mobile notary?

I perform notary public services almost always in my office. In some rare cases, I can travel. If you need a mobile notary, contact me, and I can refer you to one if I am not available.