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Prices and Services


The most commonly asked questions involve what I do and what I charge. I primarily handle uncontested divorces and most family law cases. I also handle child custody, visitation, support, legal guardianship, name changes and Small Claims cases.

Divorce related fees

My fee for preparing an uncontested divorce ranges from $450 to $650. Court filing fees are separate unless you qualify for a fee waiver. Process server fees may apply if the other party needs to be served. There may be recording fees if your case requires the preparation of a real property deed. The court filing fee is $435 unless you are low income and qualify for a waiver. This fee is subject to change. There may be other fees. These fees are all approximate, and it is best to contact me for more details. Some cases cost more because the other party has to pay a filing fee. This often happens in cases where there is a retirement pension to be divided by a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, most likely a government pension such as Public Employees' Retirement System or military retirement. These cases can cost significantly more. If the retirement plan division is complicated, you should consult an attorney. Each case is different, so contact me to discuss the specifics. Any fees mentioned in this section are not a firm offer to provide services. Services are offered when I and you sign a contract required by the California Business and Professions Code which contract has been issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Child custody cases that are not related to a divorce are slightly different. These cases vary. The fee is the same as a divorce except that some cases cost less such as a modification of child custody that is agreed to by the parties. Other cases involve simple motions for one issue or another.

Child support cases vary depending on what is required. Some involve filing fees, and some do not. Call me for more details. Child support cases are usually less than divorces. Some do not require filing fees. Please note that if you are having difficulty with child support, the Department of Child Support Services offers free assistance with child support.

Real estate deeds

I assist with the preparation and recording of real property deeds in California that are not involved in a real estate sale handled by a real estate professional and title company. The kinds of deeds that I typically assist with are when a divorcing couple want to remove one spouse from the title. Other situations involve changing the name on a deed such as when a woman changes her name after divorce or upon marriage. If you wish to add someone to your deed as a joint tenant or to convert title to your deed to community property or some other form of legal ownership, there could be tax consequences involved. You should contact a Certified Public Accountant and/or an estate planning attorney to discuss how title to real property can affect the tax basis of your property. I have self-help legal materials in my office that you can consult for more information.

Process Serving and Court Filing

If you need a process server to serve a summons, small claims or other papers, contact Laurie with As Quick As A Wink Process Server. She can also be reached by phone at (831) 383-2344. I have been using her for several years for all of my process serving needs. She also handles court filings at the Monterey Courthouse. She is available for court file research in case you need a document copied from a file. Contact her about rates and turnaround time.