Michael Mendenhall
Legal Document Preparation
Notary Public
69 B Soledad Drive
Monterey, California 93940
(831) 375-8600
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I have been a notary public since 1992. As of January 1, 2017, the cost to notarize a signature is $15 per notarized signature. The price is confusing in some cases. It is $15 to notarize a signature which might include multiple notarized signatures on the same document. For instance if a husband and wife are signing a deed, the notary fee is $30 even though the notary signs one time and places one seal on the document. The determining factor is the number of notary journal entries. One journal entry is required for each notarized signature.

Hours of operation

I am usually available to notarize documents Monday through Friday. It is best to call in advance, but it is not required. I am not in my office the entire day as I frequently go to the courthouse during the day. I am also available after hours and on the weekends with advance notice.

Mobile notary services

On rare occasions, I offer mobile notary services. If you need a mobile notary, it is best to contact one who travels frequently. I only perform mobile notary services by prior arrangement depending on my schedule.

Things to remember

One problem that consistently arises in notary situations is the person signing does not have proper identification. California law no longer permits a notary to notarize a signature based on personal knowledge of the signer alone. Everyone must have proper identification, no exceptions. This is usually a picture ID from the DMV of any State, Canada or Mexico, a passport or certain military IDs. The ID must contain a picture, description of the person and the person's signature. The most common problem is elderly signers who no longer drive and have let their driver's license lapse. If that is the case, you can get a Senior Citizen ID card from the DMV, or a passport will suffice. No matter how long a notary has known you, you must have ID. A notary must sign under penalty of perjury that you produced ID when you signed the document.